Science education is vital for all children. Science complements children’s natural curiosity, teaches them about the world around them and develops key skills such as problem solving and perseverance. It also creates the scientists of tomorrow to advance development and solve problems.

However, many children across the world are denied the opportunity to access quality science education. For some, such as disabled children, the subject is seen as too difficult or not relevant.

Lightyear breaks down barriers so that every child can have access to good quality science education. We use low cost materials combined with pioneering techniques to bring classes alive to help children explore, get excited by and gain a deeper understanding of science.

Sensory Science

Sensory Science is an immersive, creative sensory experience breaking down the barriers to science participation for disabled children. Led by drama professionals, we use entertaining science experiments as a way to teach life skills. We use space exploration, for example, to help disabled children cope with unexpected outcomes and make choices, while our biology workshop helps familiarise them with medical environments. We are currently exploring how we could address barriers to disabled young people pursuing science careers.


Lab_13 is a low cost science lab attached to a Junior School, run by children for children. It uses inexpensive science equipment – just a space in the school, cheap and local materials plus bundles of creativity. Guided by inspirational international and local scientists, children explore questions of science by experimenting. We run Lab_13 from two schools in central Ghana for the benefit for 50 local schools. So far, we’ve created memorable learning experiences for over 2000 children and inspired nearly 100 teachers to use practical teaching methods

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