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What goes up must come down

Lightyear’s inaugural Science Aerial Challenge!

Its time to get physical, chemical and biological with the Lightyear Foundation science aerial challenge!

On Sunday 15th May the team is heading out to the Hillingdon Outdoor Activity Centre to try our hand at the aerial assault course, and we would love to see you there too!

But “what is an aerial challenge course?” I hear you you ask! Hopefully the photo below will give you an idea…


We will be completing a series of challenges 10m above the ground to test your resolve, passion for science and faith in gravity! And be prepared to be not only physically exhausted but mentally too, with a range of scientific activities to keep your mind racing all day – in the form of experiments, quizzes and brainteasers!

As well as having lots of fun and stretching ourselves to our limits, we hope to raise a large amount of money for Lightyear to support our future projects such as Lab_13 Ghana and Sensory Science, continuing our mission to encourage curiosity and scientific thinking to those who may not find it easily accessible.

We have 30 places available so sign up fast and start collecting sponsorship from your friends and family today!

Email [email protected] if you have any questions and to secure your place! But don’t miss out, last chance to sign-up Wednesday 4 May!

The minimum age for the challenge course is 10 years old so we warmly welcome families to join as a group. Email Fran for more details of the family package.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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