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The first amazing Lightyear Foundation Aerial Challenge

Simran Sansoy shares her impression of the wonderful Lightyear Foundation fundraising event up held high at Hillingdon Activity Centre. Simran graduated from Imperial College last year after studying chemical engineering and her fantastic help to organise the challenge was her first time volunteering with Lightyear. Here is her beautiful write up of the day.

We survived the Lightyear science aerial challenge! On 15th May a team of 20 decided to switch a Sunday lie-in for an early morning start and a series of physical challenges!

Pretty much everyone’s first words when arriving at the Hillingdon Activity Centre were “Wow that is high!” and at this point I was questioning what I had signed myself up for. But with the team’s words of encouragement, and the thought that we were doing this in the name of science and with the aim of spreading it to those who may not find it easily accessible, we put on our helmets and harnesses and confronted our fears!

aerial challenge_1

The day consisted of 3 main activities;a race up the Gladiator Challenge, braving a series of challenges 10m in the air in the Aerial Challenge, and a team climb up Jacob’s Ladder. Of course it wouldn’t be a science challenge without a few science analogies too. Jacob’s Ladder represented the energy levels in an atom, so by climbing the ladder we were acting as electrons trying to reach the highest energy level possible! For the Aerial Challenge we covered ourselves in stickers, representing antigens on a vaccine. The aim was to act as effective vaccines and complete the challenges without any of the antigens falling off (whilst making sure we didn’t fall off either..!)

The challenges were tough, there were a few times when I thought I couldn’t go any further and wanted to get back on to safe ground. But throughout all of the exercises, the positivity and encouragement from the rest of the team helped me get through. It was really inspiring to see everyone motivate each other to push themselves as far as they could and achieve what they thought was impossible! This was most apparent on Jacob’s Ladder, where teamwork was absolutely vital in getting to the top! (See picture below!)

The caerial challenge_2hallenges demonstrated how well everyone can work together, and how passionate the team at Lightyear are in achieving their goals. This kind of attitude is so valuable when working with children in the Lab_13 Ghana and Sensory Science projects. As well as promoting their scientific knowledge and understanding, the team will be sharing their skills in teamwork and motivation, which I’m sure you will agree are such important skills for a child to develop.

Overall, the day was fantastic. It was great to meet the rest of the team at Lightyear and discover how enthusiastic and excited about the cause they all are! A huge amount of money has been raised for the foundation so far so a massive thank you to all of those who have donated- the success of this event wouldn’t have been possible without you. Expect to see this money used soon for future projects!

Simran Sansoy

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